We hope that during this process you will understand the significance of the big step you are about to make. Remember – we’re here to help along the way. ❤️

Adoption Application

To help ensure the best possible placement of our rescued animals, and in order to determine that the proposed adoption is in the best interest of the animal, you, and your family- please complete each of the following questions. Please be as thorough as possible and be honest. Fur the Love of PAWS Rescue reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant. Submitting an application does not guarantee you will receive a rescued pet. We are selective in our placement to assure they are in their adoptive homes for the remainder of their lifetimes. We want the perfect fit! Applications are usually processed in 24 hours or less. THANK YOU for understanding how much we care about our rescues!

If you are applying and would consider giving up a pet due to allergies, moving, lifestyle chance, etc. – please do not apply. This is life work for us and we are committed to helping animals find their forever and ever, and EVER homes only. WE HAVE A NO DECLAW POLICY. IF YOU WANT TO DECLAW A CAT, PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE. Thank you.