Do you…

Love helping animals find fur ever homes?


love serving your community?

love being reliable, trustworthy and a good listener

We’ve got a spot for you!

We need to ask a few more questions to make sure we’re a good fit

Do you have reliable transportation? *
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We are looking for a committed Team Member. This position would be treated like a job. You will be committing to certain days and times and expected to fulfill those shifts. We need reliable, responsible volunteers to help with the daily operation of the FURcility. It would be a position in which you would need to give us notice if you cannot make it or want to end your volunteering. It is a very important position and a much appreciated one. Volunteers may help in the cleaning, feeding, transporting and daily maintenance of the FURcility on a regular, committed schedule. Are you in? *
We are looking for a regular shift fill. What times are you applying for/available for? *
Please select the animals you are comfortable working with: *
These are some of the responsibilities your shift may entail. Please check the ones you are comfortable with doing: *
Do you have experience with cats/kittens? *
Have you ever been convicted of an animal-related misdemeanor or any type of felony? *
SELECTION PROCESS: We are a non-profit, run by volunteers. We select volunteers based upon their availability within the specific areas in which we need additional volunteers. If you are not contacted by us, it may be because the areas in which you choose to work does not currently have an opening. Please be patient, a position may open up and we may contact you at a later date. Thank you! *
TERMS and CONDITIONS: I fully understand that my services are provided strictly in a voluntary capacity and I agree to provide my services to Fur the Love of PAWS strictly as a volunteer. I understand that I will not be compensated, nor will I receive a salary, employee benefits, or payment of any kind for the services I provide. I agree to familiarize myself with Fur the Love of PAWS' policies and procedures and will fully comply with these policies and procedures. I fully understand that Fur the Love of PAWS expects standards of moral and ethical treatment of animals under its care. I agree to adhere strictly to these standards in my voluntary capacity of Fur the Love of PAWS. I agree not to represent Fur the Love of PAWS outside of my immediate volunteer capacity. Fur the Love of PAWS has designated spokespersons to handle the concerns of animal welfare issues within and outside the organization. *